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devtankTheoretically a mountain trajectory is one of a climb and then a fall.

This is something Ive been thinking about for a while. Steep entry, tapered sustain and gentle release.

10 years ago when I came to the US, I started out freelance, and it built up over time, and with the help of priding the word and network building etc., and then in just weeks my clients all stopped calling me, they stopped calling everyone.

Most of my colleagues floundered, I took an industry related retail job, and a few of them took up university. The rest went back to their parents farms or had some kind of fall back. Everyone had a fallback.

I grew up with the belief that getting a job -any job- was better than anything else. So I took the job, it was a stupid idea. Ok it was a stupid idea to stay in the job more than a year. I should have gone to university.
Because now, a decade later, I am forced back into being freelance but without a client base, so theres no work, aka Im unemployed, or, more truthfully under-employed. I don’t know which is worse. Theres more expectation on the latter.

I have to decide at some point whether to accept defeat and go back to the fallback which for me is on the other side of the Atlantic.

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