Last coherent conversation with my Father

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I keep saying to myself that I need to write more, and yet I don’t.
An event happened this week, a sizable personal life event occurred, for now, it’s not important as to its nature, because I think it would cloud thoughts going forward, so bear with me.
I’m thinking as I’m writing this, a stream of consciousness as it were…

I can’t, unfortunately, type as fast as the narrative goes, in my mind.

The true key to photography;

“ time, stick around, don’t be afraid to engage with him, in a general way, and if he asks (why are you taking so many pictures), you can tell him its a study of life on the street, and that he happens to be a perfect fit, for part of it.
This way you can build a relationship with him, and trust, and you will get astonishing images worthy of note, as long as you maintain a core vision of how the symmetry of the elements work together in the frame, then your images will fucking explode.”


Seattle Viaduct

Last day of public access to the Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle
The Alaskan Way Viaduct is a defunct elevated freeway in Seattle, Washington, United States, that carried a section of State Route 99 (SR 99). The double-decked freeway ran north–south along the city’s waterfront for 2.2 miles (3.5 km), east of Alaskan Way and Elliott Bay, and traveled between the West Seattle Freeway in SoDo and the Battery Street Tunnel in Belltown. The viaduct was built in three phases from 1949 through 1959, with the first section opening on April 4, 1953. It was the smaller of the two major north–south traffic corridors through Seattle (the other being Interstate 5), carrying up to 91,000 vehicles per day in 2016.[1] The viaduct ran above Alaskan Way, a surface street, from S. Nevada Street in the south to the entrance of Belltown’s Battery Street Tunnel in the north, following previously existing railroad lines. The viaduct had long been viewed as a barrier between downtown and the city’s waterfront, with proposals to replace it as early as the 1960s. Questions of the structure’s seismic vulnerability were raised after several earthquakes damaged similar freeways in other cities, including some with the same design as the viaduct. During the 2001 Nisqually earthquake, the Alaskan Way Viaduct suffered minor damage but later inspections found it to be vulnerable to total collapse in the event of another major earthquake, necessitating its replacement. from-





Puzzling and unexpected.
Two boys. Brothers. Formative years.  


Horseplay in the waiting room, I’m not paying attention.

I heard a sound. I don’t know what it was.

My mind does.


That puzzle piece is a root trigger. Deep and legacy.


A localized, cool breeze forms over thoracic. Cold. Instant.

Muscles ripple.




Waiting for the event. Waiting for the ambush. Waiting for the violence.

V is for violence. It is purple on my right and navy on my left.



I’ve been using the internet since 1991. I’m not the generation that built it, but I am the generation that took it from obscurity to fruition.

In 2014 I cut back on my use of social media, primarily because I felt that the very fabric of the internet was starting to ‘guide’ me in a direction, whatever that direction was I didn’t know, but I didn’t like it. I actually really don’t come here that often now. I create and stock, or post, I contribute but don’t partake, I have too many other things on my mind to pay attention.

Twitter, to me, was always a bullshit platform, I still think it is. In the beginning, it was people talking about what they were doing at that moment, just rubbish, typing to be heard. Now, it’s that and more of it in cumulative voluminous chorus of pure unmitigated liquid shit.

Anyone who thinks Twitter is a powerful news media platform is off their rocker, simply and plainly, we are not journalists.

Pick a minstrel, and they will play to, or for their audience. You put a hundred people in a room and the dynamics will form eponymous groups


The first thing you learn in a conflict zone is there is no truth, that goes out well before boots hit the ground or even the first fist is raised, let alone bullets or Molotov’s. Truth was shoved out the door before the show even started.

Regionalized information delivery is 100% against what the internet was raised to be.

Proper news information delivery is journalism, and that comes with context, perspective and contrast; two or more sides of a situation delivered within the parameters of context and with ethics, backstory and overview. Yes the journalist is skewed, intrinsically, but the journalist is the brightest computer fueled by conviction, compassion, empathy and had human experience, which as yet, has not been emulated by machine, but is in danger of being swallowed by the tsunami of white noise, grey noise, black noise, brown noise, noise, or, as Navy personnel call interference, which all comes with agenda and skew.


What is real? Where is the middle ground?

Where are we?


Remember who you are.

Who are you?