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Ill have something to read soon..


Shiva and the Whirlpools.. oh the irony..


I use a Fuji X-Pro-1 and it gives me the best black and whites straight from camera.


Diverging generations.


of all the MILLIONS of scooters and motorbikes ive seen here, this is the only bike wash Ive seen..


Everything is shanty here, this is a basement ‘mall’ for cellphone, computer and electronic repairs, theres an open sewer in the middle of it, and at the back it goes from the basement to four floors up, with concrete casement stair-cases and no railings and the steel-reinforcement sticks out everywhere..


I have memories of exatly this in Dublin 15 years ago. Young guys with money and security in business spreading their wings and spending their cash on nice upgrades to their places. This guy owns the only Apple mac retailer in MP, and is really riding a heatwave of income. Every big US company wants to work with him, so hes always doing business even when hes not. Theres a great buzz here in India with younger guys making room for themselves. Theres one fundamental different here though unlike Ireland or the US, there is an intrinsic link to their original culture and a basic respect for elders. The longer Im out of the US the more I realie how strange a place it is.


Islamic district, tinctures, seeds, flavors, colors, candy, hair dye, spices, cigarettes, cigars, everything is crammed into these tiny tiny little box stores and they are crammed into tiny streets which are crammed into tiny higgeldy-piggeldy ancient city blocks woven like a coven into an ancient tapestry of rich color warm filth and fast life.


Hand delivered gas


Islamic district pano.


Linen, tweed, silk, cotton etc all top quality weaves buyers from all over the world come to india and then there are the master tailors.. Amazing.


Back Alley Mosque.


Street scenes from Bhopal

My favorite thing in the world, Chai, hot black tea with sugar, salt and milk. It comes in small doses because its so fucking strong but the salt helps clear the throat. I want to come back to Seattle and start a business where I can sell this stuff….

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  • Semilog says:

    Some of what you’re showing reminds me hugely of Korea. Including the pictures that are not as good as the best-in-set… the sheer multitude and magnitude of developing mega-cities is overwhelming. I’m truly glad you have enough time there to accommodate and work your way into a focus.

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