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We play here.. and you will get cancer too.


This ia what a country crossroads looks like 20 miles outside of Bhopal.


7th Century BC Bhuddist Temple. So serene and peaceful. 42km from Bhopal.


Egg sellers on the side of the road, There are a lot of children in India that I Dont ever get to se in the US, and I can see that they little guys and girls are the deffinite future of india. Little guys like this will educate themselves and jobs like his dads will dissapear, or get folded into places like Malls. It will take another two generations on top of his for these jobs to come back. The cycle of life.


Stories from a Changing India

Indira Ghandi, National statue, will soon get a roof over her head and lost in the pollutants and shadows. Stories from a Changing India

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