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Steve Ignorant was in the band Crass, a punk band form 77-84. I was too young to be directly into them but my brother was and I distinctly remember the artwork and the politics which was all Regan/Thatcher scaremongering and economic blue-collar woes of England and subsequently Ireland too.
Living here in Seattle and reading that book took me back to being a 5-10yo right back in the heart of it all. Funnily enough Im back on the dole and life’s about to change again, the weather is different and the people around here talk funny, otherwise nothings changed.. well it has but its come back to where it was all those years ago like we learned nothing from it.
Its the first book Ive read in years, and for me its light because I know the language and the territory.  ISBN978-0956674609

Go on have a go.

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