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I think I really wasnt around for xmas. It feels as though it came and went and I was just standing here all that time. The only delineation that something happened was that I actually got paid by my clients. So I bought a new lens and the lest expensive printer I could get. I figured that, well I have this little 4×6 printer for actually producing proofs, and my screen is just barely calibrated for Panda Labs in Seattle, so if I want to actually have the three images a year that I would actually have printed anything larger then 4×6, Id just get Panda to do it for me. I mean really, are you going to convince me that buying an eight hundred dollar printer and having to fuel it up with 50% of its actual cost in ink is going to do me any good? Nah. Itll cost me $17 for a nice big print from a lab done on their really nice printers by professionals who actually know what they are doing and work in a controlled environment and ultimately could achieve a much better print then you or I could.
Oh printers… you break my heart…. So I opted for something which would allow me to do all of my text work and some graphics. I spend most of my time now just down-sizing technical documents and printing four pages onto a single sheet of A4 paper, and it only costs $3.79 to have it laminated and bound in Kinkos.
Anyway, Im working class now, so even though its Boxing day, I have to work -fuck knows what Im actually going to be doing today, but we’ll see….

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