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Had a cold like this one. The vridge of my nose feels like someone hit me in the face with a hammer. You only realize when you have a hurty that you use it more then you thought. In winter my Konk is always cold, indoors with dry heating its gets dry and cranky, outdoors cold and obnoxious. So when I touch it, rub it or pick it (sorry), its an ouch! Weird because to actually touch it on the bridge, it really feels like I broke something…
ANYway… So this guy phoned the store where I work the other day asking about a Pentax K-mount 100mm lens for use on his digital SLR. He came in we chatted and checked out some gear and in passing mentioned something about it not being optimal for his street shooting… -hello? You street shoot?
So check him out bongolia.com his names bongo. he reminds me of a modern day Garry Winogrand just because he seems prolific.

-I was developing five rolls of film at the stroke of midnight. Man I coudlnt give a shift about new years or christmas or any of those other manufactured spending spree occasions -granted I spent a bit on myself this year, only because I was afforded the luxury to actually do so.

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