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So it seems that I am very busy at the moment with all manner of little photography jobs. Its nice and I appreciate it because its usually a slow time of year for so many freelancers, regardless of what they are freelancing in.
Also all of those jobs I did are calling in on their accounts for the close of the year, and Im collecting a little bit here and there. Saving did I hear someone say saving? Me? Save? Save money, Ho! Haha! Wow now theres a novel concept! If only I could. Since breaking up with my wife three (or four) months ago, my mind’s a babble, and to keep myself straight, I just buried myself in work. My day work. ..and anything else that came around. Ill take anything on. So much so that I realised only today that I forgot to gety my hair cut in the last few months and figured that the itching sensation on my forhead is in fact my hair almost getting in my eyes. So out with the DaxWax to sort that shit out. its been quite a few years since Ive had hair of any length.
So I have some things to cover with whatever money I currently have; a new lens for my little Voigtlander, which is my baby. For the first time in a decade and a half, Ive gone back to traditional street photograhy, shooting film, and doing it manually. Getting away from digital has been very theraputic. Hey I love my digital stuff, but I can now separate my work tools from my hobby toys. Buying lenses or anything else for it is low low low on the list of necessities, but at the same time high on the list of wants. So i bit the bullet and bought a Nokton 40mm f1.4 SC because since I actually bought the camera I have been borrowing a lens from my good friend Andreas, who has since moved logically on to Leica. Maybe one day I could afford a Leica lens. A 35 and an MP would be nice. Anyway, now Ill be able to shoot and actually see what Im shooting through the viewfinder as it will appear on negative. Next thing I think Ill have to get is some kind of a scanner. Id like a decent one, but ill probably settle on something low end just to get stuff up online, and I generally only print at 4×6 anyway. I have issues with printers, especially since my rep told me it costs $400 to ink up an A3 Epson printer with some fancy “archival: let me ask you, are you or I seriously worthy of having archival prints? No, we are hobbyists. So buying a $1350 printer that costs its own price in three loads of ink -and the fact that –really– you cannot calibrate your screen to EXACTLY what your printer spits out, ist that just a waste of money? Yes actually it is, and no actually regardless of what you tell me, you cant make those prints look exactly like they are on your screen, they may be close, but not close enough to justify $400 woth of ink and $1350 worth or nuts and bolts. Fuck man thats a new laptop, nice furniture, a downpayment on a car, etc etc etc.
So with that I will retire and read some more of my latest edition of LFI magazine, so I can be another wannabe Leica guy.

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