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Still learning the finesses of nuspeak here in the rapidly changing landscape of entrepreneurial India.. Ill take a WTF for here please and a ThumbsUp -no ice..


Thats the best place to put the bouncing castle, and stem current population growth. DB Mall in Bhopal, Malls are gargantuan here, and around them is typically wasteland.


The last of the Wandering Minstrels. Men who float around with their worldly possessions seeking to play music for a few rupee. A seriously dying breed, perhaps less then a decade from now these people will most likely no longer exist.


The Pony Kids of Dublin have definitely had an influence here me thinks…


New Bhopal, I didnt come to this part of town much because its pretty homogeneous cleaner and people are not as friendly.


In traffic, everyone is facing each other beeping horns and shouting at each other, and amazingly enough amidst the foray there is functionality, every gets to go and no jam lasts more then a few seconds.


Chai! My favorite, black tea, ginger, salt, sugar, milk and cream. Served hot, fast and sweet. Its the best thing in the world! The salt recipe is strictly an Islamic thing. I love the glasses, like ice-cream cones, tables are merely a grid of lats that the glasses sit in..


Compliments of the house sir please take my picture.


TILA CAFE JAMALPURA, Islamic Cafe in the old part of town where the traffic is OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS…..

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