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Hawks TavernYesterday's Ice CreamDrunk in The AfternoonLoading BayValley FairOverpass
RearviewfugabikesStreet color - 47DSC_8045IMG_4281
Man with CaneAlone at the ParamountCenterfoldTram#69Tram#71Tram#70
Inter AliosPlatformingfun slide shelterorange and greencreepy little peoplefun house

S T R E E T S H O O T E R, a group on Flickr.

Its about you because its how you see the world, and how you see it is how you comment it, and document it.

Street is documentation, its study, its contemplation of moment, physics, art and that special something that you are which makes your images talk.

Thanks so much for propagating the most interesting corner of the planet right now.
Tell your friends, and please join up and post.

In one month from now I will start ‘promoting’ moderators, and I will start moderating the group, but for now its open season. Only post your best and your seconds.

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