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..usually ill have a nice long and HOT shower, relax my muscles, get my core temperature up, so I dont have to think about it later (i hate cold), probably groom everything cut my hair before the shower etc, (I haven’t been to a barber in a very long time), choose the armor carefully (less is more), wise choices in garments, not enough to look pretentious and always on a blue-collar tip, I am not a banker; I dont want to be invisible.

Socks are chosen by length, a little longer for confidence, gunners (underpants), were always my australian made Bonds -they cup to perfection ooh-, until they wore out and I had to really look around and eventually after trying some fancy expensive ones I settle on Micheal Khors from fred Meyers -seriously!! Cotton, black is best. a nice fresh black t-shirt and then whatever ‘dressing’ happens above that foundation. The coat or jacket on the day is the statement Im making for the people I wish to command. oh and footwear too, thats very important as its your contact with the world you are storming..


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