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I write in journals, I keep myself in journals, i brood, muse and meander, bitch birth and bold breathe and ponder complain, traverse galaxies, walk the line, hold toe, measure and mold, play peruse and sleep in my words, as they chase me across the pages and into my soul. They are my mistress my distress my mother and my hoard.

I am kafka when it comes to the journals I choose. Black on the outside off white inside, guillotine sharp edges like architecture rounded corner art.decco I like them simple, anonymous and well dressed.

I like to sketch with fountain pens, dippers, but I havent in a long time, now I use a rotring sketch pen and a rapidograph. I love black. I use various tools to make marks but mostly they are black or graphite, i like some colors, but I like a limited palette. keep it very simple. my favorite kinds of art is wood prints or lino cuts. black and white photos with minimal white, black has an ease of consciousness, a comforting ruse and a compensation for behaviors, its like being in your room at night where its your world, your work, and the sound of your own consciousness.. i love black.

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