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I built a darkroom, well its not really a darkroom its a grey room because its where I now work all of my film. I finally bought heady duty shelves which I am using as benches for developing, and chemical mixing, and on the other side will be the light boxes and the negative archiving, sorting and cataloging. THe scanning of course is still tied to the computer which I am trying to ween myself off a fifteen year dependency.

I am basically substituting one computer for another and hoping that the computer in my head will be as much entertainment as the one in front of me has been for the last half of my life. I am actually cheating here in that I purchased an iPhone and that now fulfills the email cravings and some of the eBay dependancy. Its also that handy calculator, GPS and map in the pocket amongst also being a “walkman”.

Anyway its the first piece of technology I have purchased in a few years and I am feeling good about now living in the US and not being totally and utterly sucked into consumerism.

I just wish there wasn’t so much sugar in everything though…

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