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Just got this from Channel 4 news (UK) in my inbox;

“I have spent the past days here in America swinging across seven key states. There is an exceptional sense both of excitement and paranoia in the air. Let me deal with the latter first.

There is a fear in many states of both fraud and theft in the voting process. One of the reasons that people have voted early in so many places – it has been possible in 34 of the 50 states – is the fear of complication.

In Atlanta I found a voting machine that had mysteriously ‘failed’ knocking out a thousand votes. I found early voting queues where people had still not voted five hours after they’d joined the line and the authorities were refusing to extend the voting time to include them.”

what is going on in this country? This is the USA, ok for most of us the USA means Coke, Levi’s, etc, aka the epitome of western-ism. the benchmark for freedom etc etc
So when I read this kind of commentary, it makes me think of a country in turmoil, which makes me think of Zimbabwe, Congo, S.Ossetia, or any number of other countries in conflict or turmoil -take your pick; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_2003–current

What is going on here? (I seem to be a little disadvantaged actually living here apparently, because I cant seem to see the wood for the trees), tell me… are we at war here in the US? I dont mean American foreign policies (Iraq), I mean within the shores of the US, Homeland Security, internal spying, etc etc -Ive become sick and tired of hearing about people complaining about it (albiet mostly only people over the age of 50, because the pre fifty year olds have MTV on too loud or have the Youtube/America’s Next Top Model/Lost[sic]/[insert any current inert gaseous brain-filler here] Headphones on), but I also need to hit myself over the head and wake up to it.

I need to come up for air, take a gasp of reality and maybe even make it back to shore…

*this rant has been sponsored by someone somewhere

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