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I wanted to drop a few lines about how much I feel I have grown negatively away from the heartbeat of the world. Familiar things seem unnaturally abstract and the realisation is discomforting. Simple every day things, food, bus tickets, money, people on the street, everything has changed, its still as expected but there is change within that and its unsettling. I prefer to be in control of these changes, like if I moved to another place, then I could expect a change and deal with it. This however is different and uneasy. There is more to this then I can write about now.
However this morning I read the lines of a friends of mine, a man who actively disengages himself from communication with me periodically and whether he knows it or not has always been mind boggling to me. However, the method of delivery is not important, what is, is the message, and I find out that he is active and flowing again. We are the same, he and I. The cycles are small and frustrating or large and eventful right now he is fluidic where as I am in a rut, and I believe I have been for some time.

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