Thursday July 9 2008, I came home to find a bulky plain white envelope which I immediately assumed was another piece of mail from my favorite unsolicited friends. For some reason I opened the envelope in the front room usually I grab and take it up to my office.
Inside I could see instantly that this was a renewal Permanent Residency card which assumed was for another year whilst the rest of my application for permanent residency was being processed. However upon further inspection I saw that the car was valid for ten years. The accompanying letter was a welcome to the United States of America as a new permanent resident.
So effectively, what I believed was to be a long-winded potentially desperately futile attempt to secure permanent residency in the US haas in fact come to full fruition with expediency which I had not expected.
This has far reaching implications for me, I can now travel outside of the US to visit my family, I can also now plan ahead, I can make purchases of items larger then my pockets will allow, I can buy a car, and now I can finally look for a new job.

I also won two hundred feet of Fuji Velvia 100F Slide film on eBay, so Im pretty happy this week.

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