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So I eventually found a place to live. After getting pretty close to desperate, I eventually happened accross a place. It might be a good location, I wont know until I have lived there for a little while. Summer is comming also which makes the whole transfer and new begining that bit more smooth.
I am cautious a little, about this though. The house is just lovely in a seemingly unbelievably lovely haven that seems quite hidden away from everything else, and it backs out onto Lake Union, so the view is just OUTSTANDING, like face to the glass views of the city. It was the most expensive place I looked at, and I found out that its probably going to be even more expensive then Id originally thought, however, good energy is good energy and that what this place seems to ooze. My roommate is a Miliner (hat designer), nicely rounded and creative, and has a business so its good to be around that kind of buzz. Immediately I got the feeling that I could be myself infront of this woman, and the same with the two people whos house I went to last week, -both houses struck me as being just the ‘right’ places to live. I had a hard time picking up that phone to call the first house and say that I was going to live somewhere else, so I want to go have dinner somewhere with them, because they were good souls and I want to maintain them as friends. The new house it just too good to pass up, but like I say, I am cautious, and just hope that we gel together well. Our first meeting went extremely well, and I felt very good whilst in the house, and on the way back from going there. I felt a considerable weight being lifted off my shoulders.
Im listening to Cat Power alot lately, that and Niel Young, and everyone knows I have never been a fan of either, isnt it amazing how a change chain reacts and causes something else to occur?
I think Id like to start painting again. Maybe writing and looking for other avenues of creativity. I feel a strange new sensation like breathing new air, and a growing sense of power.

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