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Well its sure as fluck hell on wheels right now. My wife has given notice that we will all be out by the end of the month, and yet none of us has found a place yet. She recons that she has a place lined up and thats that.

I spent the day going to and fro on three places (its extremely frustrating not having a car), and the first two places I saw just blew me out of the water in terms of how entirely fetid and tenement liek they were. I will NOT be looking under the $400 price bracket again. It just amazes me what some people are prepared to consider a home. The on place I went to this morning was owned by a very quiet speaking 50 year old man who sounded very nice and reassuring, but when he gave me skewy address details it made bells ring in my head. Then when I actually saw the place, although on a nice quiet street in a nice part of this neighbourhood, the house itself stood out because it was painted white and built of brick and mortar, the roof sagged in the middle, the ‘garden’ was a bomb site, and the house looked as though it had been sinking into the ground -I kid you not. I didnt knock as he was waiting for me, and let me in to a livingroom stacked shoulder hight with filth. Filth. Dirty clothes, junk, smashed houshold wares, broken furniture etc, other stuff I couldnt see underneath… I didnt notice a smell though. so he leadeth me round dark narrow coridors like a maze to a wooden plank which was a door to the basement lead me down the stairs to the only clean looking room in the house, an L shaped fifteen foot long room five foot wide and two windows one covered with garden refuse and the other with a small dirty curtain which looked as though it was regularly used as emergency toilet paper. The strange whirring sound loud enough to keep us bellowing at each other was the furnace which took up most of the protrusion of that L shape I was telling you about. Outta there and the kitchen was a pit stop as I saw the blast-on furnaced shift all over the top of the stove and thought ok I want to leave now ASAP. his warm soft limp sloppy handshake churned my stomach and I had imaginings of vomiting.
The next place which was at the opposite end of the street, had just appeared on the radar just hours before, sounded fantastic “big house with quiet respectful tennants, no smoking in the house” so I phoned spoke with a jewish lady and I thought oh great, if they are Jews then they are probably a whole lot more civilzed then that last crater scar I just scanned. Well when I got there, it was a shop for a start, and the back was a wreckers yard, peeling paint and no one to answer the door, so I called her again and she said “oh it was Monday I said monday, and I remember saying I only have Sundays and Wednesdays, but I didnt want to start anything so I just said oh well sorry blah blah etc, so she said one of the other tennants might be able to show me around, and as she said that this guy came out on the porch and I approached him made my self clear and hung up with the lady.
As soon as he opened the door, the immediate look of inside was much more attractive. Appearances can be decieving. As soon as I walked in and went past the pretty part, I was for all the world walking into a hostel in some dingy regularly frequented surf spot or backpackers location in arse hole nowhere. The guy introduced himsself and said that he was also moving out onthe tenth as he was a truck driver, very nice down to earth character, but the fact that he was as stable as a buckaroo made me considerably nervous that I was walking into not a regular house but more a bording house. He proceeded to show me a brown kitchen with sagging counters and a sink full of dishes, with two huge refrigerators, a bathroom complete with naked darts-player showering, and that old familiar feeling of being led down dark narrow corridors dotted with huger refrigerators, and spiraling claustrophobic creaky carpetless staircase into a basement with concrete flooring, wheeled partitions for walls, cardboard boxes and supplies stacked from floor to ceiling and bare lightbulbs fighting for airspace with moths (this is winter so in the summer are the moths replaced by flies?), a heavy duty plastic curtain which covered some kind of a room, Im not sure what. My room was still inhabited and getting to guy to stir was quite an ordeal, eventually when the door opened a silouette appered and grunted leaned his arm up exposing a gratuitous armpit and the only opportunity I would be afforded to see the room, another L shaped room albiet with a slightly higher ceiling, though no lighting, navy blue walls, a high small slit window with a wall maybe a foot away which was the only visible light, a mattress, small television clothes strewen everywhere and a severly bare carpet, the heat in that room which stank of semen, sweat and beer, was un-bearable -this house currently is insanely cold as we have no heating but if heat comes at that cost Id rather sleep in my raingear thanks.
I saw one other place, a studio aka a Bedsit, which was actually very nice on the ground floor of a ten unit building, the space was well cared for warm, (smell free), had a great bathroom and the bed area was also great, like living in a huge livingroom. however, upon application there was a $35 non refundable credit check fee which I didnt have on me, and so i went looking for an ATM, every bloody one in the local area was either out of service or broken and the one Pizza joint I found who would do a transaction came out as denied. So im pretty frustrated, pift off, and feeling rather caught right now, and am fearing that in the next two weeks I might not find anything at all, well anything worth actually living in.

I feel as though the last year of my life has possibly been one of the most stressful times of my life and quite possibly one of those years I would chalk up as being the worst.

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  • Mary says:

    Hey Joe, Such a long time since i caught up with you, good to hear from you. WowSeattle, heard its a great city. Glad the photgraphy is going well and you managed to fight for your raise.Lifes not a beach !!Mary

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