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Sometimes I do this. In the summer I do it more. 

I have terrible teeth, from a combination of reasons, and also I have dentist phobia, so I have an immersion blender that chews for me. This way, my diet is radically better. 
I think, if I had better teeth, I probably wouldn’t eat half the things I put into the cauldron. 

I like food but have little food imagination, and tend to make what I grew up with, or a minor variation on that. I will put all kinds of things into the jar, sometimes it’s more experimental than others. 
Today, it’s Arigula, Carrots, Celery, Satsuma’s, Strawberries, Kiwi & Banana, and I add about two soup spoons of diluted plain or Vanilla yogurt to make it a bit more natural like Mountain Dew. 
It’s dense, and has to be consumed slowly, about 10-15minutes, but I feel better for 36-48 hours the days I make these vs not.  
The blender was $40 at Target. It has two speeds, start with the slow speed and add a shot of water until it’s a fluid pulp, then add more water (which makes it easier for the blender), and blend until it’s a thick liquid, voila a smooth e, aka great sustenance & hydration in one go. 

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