My little machines. At some point recently I made a decision to get out of full frame cameras for two reasons 1. The pictures: a picture tells nothing of the camera it was shot with. Looking at what I had achieved with full frame gear vs crop frame told me that I didn’t need full frame gear at all. 2. The cost of future expansion. I would rather have three or four bodies and a few lens variations then two bodies and two lenses and not be able to afford something later on because of it. There is also speed. Sony has made tiny yet expressly fast cameras for long enough now to convince me that these are the closest thing to using a Leica M6 as I did, and still have the ability to put the thing in my pocket afterwards, or in a very small bag that fits into my backpack and yet give me the option to shoot a professional natural light, three camera interview, or just have two bodies with dedicated lenses. #Sony #NEX5n #A6000 #A6300 #zeiss #SEL24F18Z #sel16f28 #sel20f28 #sel1018 #oss #gear #cameras #photojournalist #tinykit #gearsensitivity #roadwarrior #storyteller #visualstorytelling Instagram

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