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I should caveat this with what I’m used to first; Sennheiser HD25-II Professional headphones (the benchmark for all my listening both music and pro sound). Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10, for when I don’t have the option of the HD25-II’s.

My Ultimate Ears are wearing out and using them regularly for work, prompted me to get the M6 Pro’s because of the price and the hype surrounding them.

I don’t know about breaking in modern cans, however, I did run these through 12-18db of non & oscillating pink noise for 100 hours before proper use, and I will say that they did sound more full after the break in.

I have had them for a month now and can honestly say that they completely suck for any kind of environmental noise isolation, even using custom ear pieces and the Comply tips included. Whatever it is about the construction, everything gets in and muddies the sound.

If I’m to break down sound into 5 categories from deep bass through to high treble, rated 5-1, these cans provide crisp clean clear high treble 1,2,3 and a fraction of 4.
Yes, this is great for studio work, and other quiet areas, but to get any bass to feed through, one tends to increase gain or volume, and then the treble is so piercing that it makes for an uncomfortable listening experience.

For $50 is it worth the price to get them and have them for a few weeks trial period. Probably not. $50 is 1/3-1/4 the price of the things you are going to pay to get you to where you wanted to be originally.

If I had known then what I know now, Id prefer the $50 and opted for a different pair of IEMs.

MEE Audio M6 Pro IEM

MEE Audio M6 Pro IEM

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