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I dont understand why my captions dont show up under some images and I dont understand why there is code attached either.. very annoying.

Station Porters. For a fee they will transport your stuff from the car to the area of the platform your carriage will arrive. They can gauge with exactitude where the carriage you are supposed to be at will arrive. I watched in complete and utter astonishment as this young short guy sprang towards us wearing a red shirt with a brass plate on his sleeve and a red scarf. he negotiated a price and then rolled up his scarf and put it like a donut on his head, then grabbed my trunk and scooped it up with a deft one body move and placed it on his head, and his colleague picked up my backpack and placed that on top of the trunk -a whopping 235kg load- and the he swept through the masses and onto the platform like a waft, fast and definitive. I had difficulty following him. Just completely amazing to witness that..



Muslims pray on the station platform.



Muslims pray on the station platform, everyone in the station stared at them. India is funny in that way. Its a multicolored society and yet they will stare at muslims praying in public.



Bidis, or Beedees, an indin cigarillo made from a Banana tree leaf made into a pulp and dried for smoking and then the paper is actually another leaf, whipped with cotton string. 15 Rupee for 25.. Indians get a real kick out of a white man smoking Bido’s. I use them to break the ice for conversations with strangers, and to get photographs with also.



Heart of Darkness


Kumbh Mela Pilgrims in a station I dont remember the name of in a place somewhere between Goa and Bhopal.


Water. When the train stops the people on the Class III carriages all spill out and clamber for the water.


Everything is Organic. Snacks for Class III but I thought their food was nicer then the onboard Class IIAC food


Its like a Constable painting.


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