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“Test drove a convertible today. Yep. Winter is coming…. And I don’t care.”

…’So are the Republicans and neither do they!’

Its very difficult & very frustrating to express an contrary opinion which in the face of the celebratory American, who is practicing their inalienable right to express the very essence of what it means to exist in ‘The American Way’ which is not about hard work, its about success, and its about the expression of that success regardless of how self effacing that expression has become.

Its an advertising quip, undefinable in exactitude, it wouldn’t even stand up in court.

I never hear the term ‘The American Way’ expressed in or about times of negativity or extenuating circumstance, except by left-wing pundits who do nothing but further the divide and heighten the panic amongst the weak minded, -who exist on both sides of the political spectrum. I hear it masticated in the manicured mouths of the right as a guide-stone for moral expediency and custodial rhetoric. With neither side having any direction or wholesome fulfillment prospect, and lead us not into salvation but deliver us into mediocrity.

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