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I think in fairness its very difficult to shoot America (specifically America at this point rather then anywhere else) and shoot an oblique and objective take on it without it looking like all the rest of the photo essays on the place. I say that primarily because the US is so extensively established in media whether that is US generated or otherwise that it is difficult if not impossible to shoot a series of images of the country with impartiality.
I think this piece reflects that, unfortunately. It is very easy to come here and shoot things which specify the extremities of US culture because they are easy to see and seek out and ultimately easy to shoot and will ultimately draw a sensational value. Its a very different thing to come here and shoot it from the inside out and make it look normal, which is something nobody does for their documentary projects, its something that isn’t favored in the current trend of photography rhetoric and academia. So effectively non sensational work is out of fashion.

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