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I am a fellow photographer, I hope you dont mind that I am not going to be very sympathetic towards your work..

Popularity amongst clients is one thing, because clients cant see the way we do as photographers, that is why they hire us to make what they want to see into something they can see.

I see an awful lot of repetition in your work, a lot of content but not a lot of personality. I feel you rely on your equpment to give you a signiture, and as for shooting on film over anything else, I dont believe that the medium should be part of the message as your vision should shine through regardless of the tool in your hand.

I hope you dont take offence at my opinions.

I believe that we as visionaries have a responsibility to help our clients see beyond our ideas and encourage them to advance our vision & give them the ability to breathe life into new ideas beyond what it is we have given them in the first place.

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