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When you are younger, you are uniqly individual and presciously concentrated into a singular expression of consciousness, and all that follows. When you get older you emerge in the reassurance that you are not.

When I was younger I felt completely alone most of the time and again isolated within that because there was no relief, or atleast very little (just enough to figure out that there was indeed some kind of alternative). I watched others around me excel and achieve and I didn’t understand how they did it, but as I grow older I realize that I stand shoulder to shoulder with a great many others who were in the same situation as me, and I also have the comforting realization that of all the confusing indicision I had, I can nowsee vast swathes of people who made alternative decisions or made no decisions and the consequenses of their actions is becomming clear now, decisions I wasn’t sure of at the time and realize now that they were neither right or wrong but ultimately led to a short run or long run to similar outcomes. Or in some cases, extremely negative outcomes.

Typing on an iPhone isn’t condusive to clear communication…

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