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Y’know I think I might have figured out my street shooting style today.
So I have a day full of errands and no time to do any of them. However I did have an hour downtown between two of them which I was going to wwander around the streets and do a bit of window shopping. During a coffee I decided to sharten my camera strat by about an additional 25% (I like a short strap -good for running), as I got one of those great Domke straps which you can clip off the ends and join them together as a hand strap. Anyway, affter I left, I was feeling pretty bouyant and set off on a quick march around a few downtown city blocks.
Holding the camera in one hand only, I set focus to 5m f5.6 and 250th on the Nokton. I acted fast shooting from the hip and also extending my arm over peoples heads and held the camera out in front of me to grab peoples attention as I aqured them. Before I knew it Id burned through a roll and by teh time I got on the bus I was 36 shots into a third roll. I just know these images are fantastic. Ive been rating Neopan at 800 during the winter and now that its getting bright again Ill start to rate it at 400 again.
Maybe Ill take one of those M3 Leica’s we have in work, out for a spin.

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