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Y’know I love comments on my blog.. thats what creates that special twinkle in my eye. Just so that you know.

I have to thank Chuckycheese from weareOKOK.com for giving me the Clark cd, Im a little slow on the pick up of new music -especially other peoples music, Ive always been snobbish like that. I believe that In infallable and that my choice in music is indestructable (I like avantgarde and experimental music, dub, and electronic etc).
I usesd to be the king of finding out the new shit and having it two or three years ahead of everyone else, and I still do to a point except that Ive gone way off down a path of sound that no one else is interested in what I like to bug out to. Plus the fact that NPR doesnt really play music, and I dont have the same kind of access to BBC Radio 4 like I once did and KEXP -though a youth oriented station is utterly fucking shite; commercial radio for a different kind of commerciality.
So with that, all I have left is podcasts and I dont even get the chance to hear those anymore, because Im ebedded in my books and my tech manuals, and writing in forums about how much I hate new digital cameras, or Im developing rolls of film, drinking with friends, shooting with other friends, fighting with my wife who hates me, teching people things, browsing porn on the web, or looking for a new place to live…

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