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If I can avoid it, I don’t ever want to contribute to the combustion engine revolution of yesteryear. So when ebikes happened, I signed up and went in face first.

On of the issues with owning one in a city, is theft. The bike itself is big and heavy, and the likelihood of theft is lower than a nice analog bike. Components are, as on any bike, exposed and susceptible to theft, but typically they are attached at multiple points and don’t have enough resale value to benefit a thief that much. The Battery, however, that’s the money.

So it’s been on my mind to find or make something that at least interferes with the thieving process. However any cluey thief is going to have tin snips and a cordless grinder Ada the very least, in their backpack. Remember thieving is business. Personally, even in the worst of times I never nicked a thing. I hate it and if I catch you, I’ll break one of your fingers on your business hand. In the meantime, a piece of Steel strapping cut and folded, draped in Gaffer Tape, and a small, complex padlock, also draped in tape, makes for a compelling deterrent.

A hairs breadth longer than half a meter.
On opted to cut a bit further from the hole, for more material strength for any lock.
On bought a “Seaming tool” which can be found in the sheet metal snips area of your hardware store. It’s really difficult to bend 16 gauge steel even with tools, so no perfect beveled bends here.
Ifi had a grinder, I’d be rounded the ends.

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