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This week and the last ten days, has been completely mind blowing and intense.
In January I heard that a magnum photographer was coming to town to do a masterclass ‘Finding your vision’. Im sure that means different things to different people, but for me, its a chance to soak up some much needed impartial and respected advice regarding how to edit a large body of work, and from there hopefully be capable of seeing differently when it comes time behind the camera. I want either to learn how to see differently or verification that the way i see, and how I see based on all the variables of my lifes influences come together to make my mind work the way it does, function while moving forward with a camera.
I spent the last 3 months reading books about how to understand photography and its functionality and its place and a lot of art theory comes into that. Im trying to educate myself academically in something that I have only ever had a practical knowledge of previously.
Tha last week was going through 15,871 images I made in the 6 months I was in India. Literally every waking hour, I was sifting through the entirety of that event. In 7 days I relived my time in India. Literally.
The aim was to come up with 120 images of which a small number will emerge as being the best. What best means, I am yet to learn.

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  • TRC says:

    Sounds like all good stuff Joe. Best of luck and I’d be very interested in seeing the final selection.

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