Pushkar to Bhopal

Pushkar is the Brahman Hindu ‘Capital’ photography there now is limited due to arbitrary rules.
beautiful hard contrasty light.
Tribal people are without a doubt the most attractive people I have ever seen.
Mining, by hammering holes into solid rock and jamming dodgy dynamite into the hole. three sets of three guys were ferrying trailer loads of this Marble to Ajmere to sell, this amateur effort will in time be picked up by the chinese who are ruthless business people and next thing you know this mountain wont exist anymore. 500rs ($10) for a 1×1 meter slab of marble.
around every corner.
Pigeons home to roost on the temple rooftops in Pushkar.
Chicken Express
A boy re-threads string from a bobbin onto his spool for kite flying. He used a bicycle wheel to make it happen. Innovate.

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