Last days in Goa

Almost prehistoric looking place, this is a peninsula with igneous rock and giant man swallowing fissures. The foliage is bizare and alien to the rest of the landscape, there are Leemurs in the trees and Giant Eagles by the truckload..
Pen? You have Pen? The local Hells Fairies gang came out to meet me and ask me if I had any pens for them..
Fisherman repair their nets. Amazing to watch the unity at with they work and the speed.
Goa recieved its independence from Portugal later then India did from the Commonwealth. There are still strong vestiges of their past around north goa. Architecture, churches, and Nuns!
Blessed wax body parts outside the church od St Francis of Xaviour.
St Francis of Xaviour. was not recognized as a saint by the rest of the Catholic church.
Consumerism is coming to India whether you like it or not, and its swallowing up the hearts and minds of everyone.
I wonder what Bryon Gysin would have thought of this.
Here he ism entombed, and his body hasnt decayed one iota since his death..
I dont know whose ones these are but they have writin’ on them!
Lets put this int perspective here, Islam, Hindu Sikh’s and al the rest no one knows how to do children scaring grotesque quite like catholics..
yes, its a wall of death..
Original hippy town..
Cool kids checking the white guys out at the barber..
Some Germans on the beach had a hot air balloon. Ive never seen one of these actually ever take off..
Fisherman in Galjibag Confluence.

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