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I really want to be inspired to shoot stories here, but I just cant get anything of any sustaining value that I can bring back with me to the people I want to exhibit to; people outside America, becasue i feel that they already know
I think American media is pervasive and the RotW wanted for so long to be like America and to soak up the perceived richness of ‘freedom’
I was particularly careful in ireland when I was working for the press, I felt it was my higher goal to speak to others about how i saw my world and my work within it, and being able to see the lay of the land which would only be visible over time or with extenuated perceptivness and careful research via colloquial invocation of natural cultural interaction (which is how I believe the very best photojournalists & documentarists exist) and general interaction and embedding of ones self within the depest recesses of as many parts of society, whilst maintaining a second life as a watcher and personal documentarist..
..that is NOT to say that I am in the same league as the very best photojournalists -they, are capable of delivering their work and making it deliverable.. I am as yet not capable of that. Its not something I have ever been able to grasp, hence the use of ‘personal documentarist’ because I am my own audience..

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