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different negatives different formats

That little shape you look through, like your life depended on it, a drug, a window or rather an escape route.
Escape through the madding crowd; go straight at them. They least expect you to, and its your only way out of the insanity; is into the insanity.

Poke and prod, inspect and explore what your camera makes you point itself at, because at the end of the day, the camera is what made me do it.

the camera made me do it

Draw a box and paint the picture, push your subjects into the peripheries of your vision and shoot a hole through the middle, focus where you mind is at and the eye will follow.

rare glimpse of a twist in the fabric of time as captured

There’s no future or past in the immediacy of the world you image, there’s no classic and there’s no masters there is only you, and what you are right now, in the minutia of time, because you are in charge, you make your own decisions and what you say is what goes and what goes is when you press the button to make it yours.

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