Location Audio in Dantevara
Dantevara, Chhattisgarh India. Recording an Interview with locals about land rights and corruption.

With a strong and varied media production career over 20 years, I have been involved in a wide range of roles from broadcast journalism to documentary photography, leaning towards a humanitarian scope. I seek a deeper view in civil and socio-economic concerns. I have photographed in Northern Ireland, Europe, India and Australia.

My roots are in newspaper photography, ENG broadcast news and Feature film camera department. This mix of creative and investigative thinking led me to specify into long term Documentary projects utilizing location audio and video to widen the scope of the projects.

Design and creative amateur engineering are among other areas of interest, I have designed and built supplemental equipment for my work. I am innovative and self taught in most of my endeavors.
I have maintained a impresario role in promoting photography and social documentary through nurturing social groups both online and offline. I founded and curate several large successful photography groups encouraging others to get involved with guidance and example.

Born in Ireland, I have lived and worked in UK, Australia, India and the US.


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