Thank you.

Thank you.

I have straddled film and digital for over 15 years. From the first iterations of digital cameras in news environment through to specialty wide panoramic and large format film. I pick the medium to suit the psychology and the sensitivity of the subject.
I love working with film, and film cameras, the process is simple and predictable, and can command imagination and visual poetry. I use digital to prime my mind’s eye for such moments, and I use it as a diary and journal of moment to moment release, creative of documentation. The practicalities and instant accessibility have their own strengths. I see and dream in 2:35:1 which is an aspect ratio seen in expansive cinema typically shot on big budget films on 70mm film stock which lends itself to wide framing. It allows the eye to read the scene from center, left and scan to right. However, there are few still cameras that exist today which intrinsically output in this aspect ratio, that are not expensive and or obscure. Cropping standard frames is an acceptable compromise Im willing to accept until I can afford the equipment I need. 

Your donation is highly appreciated, and help ensure the continued existence of devtank and the creativity behind it.

Joe Owens

©℗JDOwens/devtank 1991-2020

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