The Tascam DR-70D is the Nun’s Knickers!

Ok after a few days, and reading the Manual (!!), I have determined that the Tascam DR-70D is actually almost everything I have ever wanted in a recorder/mixer.

The sound I am getting from my existing microphones, especially my Sennheiser MKH-416, is astonishing, especially considering I bought a dedicated Sound-Devices MM-1 specifically for that 416. My Shure VP88 sounds amazing, clear, and the separation between the mid and side capsules appears more pronounced, with more control over each channel. The pre-amps are amazing, quite mind-boggling considering the size of the thing. My wired Rode Lavalier connected to XLR is also remarkable in that it appears clearer and better high-end then it was then using the Micon-3 mini jack connector, maybe that has something to do with more power through the XLR connector..

The Interface is simple. The layout of controls is reasonably logical and fair considering the real-estate, though I think I will do some modification on the pots, maybe some rubber tape of some kind.
It would be nice if there were two XLR’s per side instead of three on the right and one on the left, but that’s just me being symmetrically anal.
Power requirements are reasonable, especially excellent when paired with an external battery back of your choice, connected to the micro USB port on the left.

I got this primarily for the 4 channels, so that I could do more in-depth field and location ambient recordings with a combination of microphones. I have been dreaming of using binaural contact mics in combination with clip binaural mics as well as a directional or even binaural hydrophones to create what I suspect might end up being an amazing sound.
Another project in mind is to have an additional 416 for dual channel recording in left and right channels and having that stereo separation option for play in post.. ooh…
I have ideas oozing out of my brain through my semi-lunar canals..