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there was instant chaos and rearrangement. Let the clutter part so I may see the way to the next seat.

I havent been posting as much because I thought upgrading my site (this one, the one you’re on right now), and learning to WordPress pro style would be the best thing and actually as it turns out, it’s relatively easy, but in my case unnecessary. I believed that getting a nice whizbang template interface as a starting point would work, but instead it just broke the site, on the back end it’s a mess as three interfaces are competing for dominance, and I can’t remember how to kill the other two without nuking the whole thing and staring afresh but that’s just too much work right now.

Civic double entendre, in this town at this time.

The college application process here is new territory for me, and it seems like and endless onion skin of mutifactor log ins and sign ups. I thought I’d preempt it all with one of those Yubi keys which make biometric logins a touch easier… But apparently I bought the wrong one so it’s just a lump of techno plastic that’ll end up in a drawer until a parent key shows up.

I’ve been looking for this image for days, now I know where it is. Greyhound bus Station, Seattle 2011. One roll of 4 frames of 120 at 2.85:1 aspect ratio, aka 6×17.

I’m excited about learning again, and something new, graphic design, but relatively within my wheelhouse. I just hope it works, and I get to have my angstrom sized sliver of the American pie, on occupied land.

I know I have much to give, back to the world, I just need to organize it. Organize and define my thinking, to make it understandable enough for others to learn from, expand and redefine. My knowledge be my children.

Pride Event Seattle 2013 ish.

Happy pride everyone. Be well and happy.

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  • Darts and Letters says:

    I had to look up the angstrom, to learn it was a unit of measurement. Are you going to school someplace in town or are you moving? Good luck, though. Not that you need luck. But good luck juggling it with whatever else you have on your plate. I have an older sister (40s) who’s doing school.

    that frame of the buildings and high-lifts is great.

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