Despite the “rebounding economy” (BS) many small and medium sized businesses that survived the last 8 years are now folding, and in some cases quite catastrophically. This bike shop reduced its floor space by 60%. Frankly I think the psychology of excess, I to impress the consumer, should have died when the 80s slipped into the past. A conversation with a local butcher at a deli counter here in Seattle, tells me that most of his customers come back to him over decades from one work place to another, and says Mike, most people want fancy cuts and they go directly to the farmers markets. “People like community, they respect a person who is an expert on the thing, and they will go to them because there is trust. Big corporate was invented for a different thinking, which really only works 25% of the time these days. I hope it will swing back to the way it was before we got hotties to consumerism”. #Streetshooter #streetphotography #chromanoir #Seattle #bike #economics #downturn #closure #outofbusiness #community #adamcurtis Instagram

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