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Most of you know this blog as just that, a blog. However, recently during a chat with a colleague, he said to me that I should reduce my output on social websites to just broadcasts telling everyone that I have something new on my website. However, at the time the only website I had, was this blog and not an actual static site at all. So with a bit of research and help from WordPress technical support I reinvented devtank as a static site with a blog attached as opposed to what it was; a blog with an attached static page or two.
Most of you who tune in to what I blog get it through a RSS reader and probably never really make it to the original blog itself, so I’m urging you to try it out and let me know what you think. It’s still a work in progress and I’m still learning the WordPress.com way of doing things.
I’ve added a few pages and a few sub-pages too to encompass areas of my creative output that have not had a home either on social sites or online at all.
The Multimedia page now has a sub-page Audio which gives a little bit of my location audio and field recording background and from there a sub page dedicated to my long running project Autogenous Radio: In Conversation which is a series of recorded conversations from people I have mat at one time or another whom I find interesting or who have an opinion or a story to tell.

Ok now, I want to see how polls work and if anyone actually will engage..

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