Today I had an overwhelming emotional response to a piece of music a band called Foals and the track is called Black Gold.

Its rare, I can distinctly remember them through my life;

Swans ‘Blind’, Radiohead’s ‘Staircase’, PJ Harvey ‘We Float’, 120 Days ‘I’ve lost my vision’, Voyager One ‘Wires’, Pearl Jam ‘Indifference’, Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush ‘Don’t Give Up’, Surgeon ‘At the Heart of it All’, Aiden O’Rourke ‘Bah Hamburg’, Air Liquide ‘Synsonic’, Miles Davis+Bill Laswell ‘He loved him Madly’, Anathema ‘Sleepless’, Skidoo 23 ‘Helicopterz’, Bark Psychosis ‘400 Winters’, Godflesh ‘Defiled’, Bailter Space ‘Dark Blue’, Bill Callahan ‘All thoughts are Prey to Some Beast’, Massive Attack ‘Live with Me’, Bowery Electric ‘Freedom Fighter’, Laika ‘If you miss’, Faith no More ‘Midlife Crisis’, Bruce Springsteen ‘State Trooper’ & ‘New York City Serenade’, Neil Young ‘Down by the River’, Can ‘Future Days’, Chemical Brothers ‘The Test’, David Byrne & Eno ‘Strange Overtones’, Fugazi ‘Nice New Outfit’, Gustavo Lamas ‘Profundo’.. and there are probably some more that I cant remember and are not doing justice to.

These arent songs I love and just put in here because they are amazing tracks, these are tracks that contain something for me that is beyond conversational statement and require deeper contemplation. Most of them have been revelatory, or a sense of empowerment or an awakening, though some have been closure and some represent safety and comfort or triggered a positive memory. 

New Pages on devtank

Most of you know this blog as just that, a blog. However, recently during a chat with a colleague, he said to me that I should reduce my output on social websites to just broadcasts telling everyone that I have something new on my website. However, at the time the only website I had, was this blog and not an actual static site at all. So with a bit of research and help from WordPress technical support I reinvented devtank as a static site with a blog attached as opposed to what it was; a blog with an attached static page or two.
Most of you who tune in to what I blog get it through a RSS reader and probably never really make it to the original blog itself, so I’m urging you to try it out and let me know what you think. It’s still a work in progress and I’m still learning the way of doing things.
I’ve added a few pages and a few sub-pages too to encompass areas of my creative output that have not had a home either on social sites or online at all.
The Multimedia page now has a sub-page Audio which gives a little bit of my location audio and field recording background and from there a sub page dedicated to my long running project Autogenous Radio: In Conversation which is a series of recorded conversations from people I have mat at one time or another whom I find interesting or who have an opinion or a story to tell.

Ok now, I want to see how polls work and if anyone actually will engage..