In my 20s I decided that I was going to try my level best not to own a car before I was 40. and so I never owned a car before I was 40. And so the theory is that I will learn to ride a scooter here in Goa and then use it for the liberation of the natives to my righteous new message which my people are working on as we speak. Perhaps Ill have to get into the rat-race of car ownership if I ever get back to city life. I hate the reality of it but love the concept and the independence.


Out the window of the train.
Tribal women in Bhopal, with their very interesting facial tattoos. Tattoos of any kind are not very common as far as I can tell in India.
…trippy dude… Tribal art, some of this is 2 weeks old some of it is 200 years old..
eh.. yeah.. This is not a theme park this is a a tribal area, and these things look like disney. I can only imagine what these are like from the air..
The manager of the whatever bank in Bhopal is Gay and he had these flags put up around the parking lot. Can you imagine Todd Maclin of Chase or Brian Moynihan of BoA doing that?
Seen on a cool kids’ shoulder in new Bhopal. Im sure theres more I could caption it with but I cant be bothered.


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