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No its not organic, its called India Telecoms.. literally stealing signal from the telephone cables. I love it!


Maruti Suzuki, the India branded Suzuki, this thing is a fucking tank. at 40mph it takes large potholes with ease. It has a turning radius of a dime and it runs on vapor. This is the economy version complete with punch-outs for luxuries. If American cars were made like this…..


Damn what a handsome fellow! I think this guy is the Lee Marvin of Bhopal, and hes a cool fucker too because he and his brother here are the only remaining British Motocycle repair techs in India! Specifically Royal Enfield Bullet.. what a machine.. used mostly by the colonialists the country has a ton of them and they are highly prized.
Also there are thousands of ‘Britisher’ jeeps still around they are also highly prized and worth unlawful amounts of money!


There are millions -literally Millions- of Piagio’s and Vespas here, old ones, originals with no modifications and they are all still running. In some ways this country is a massive step back in time..


View from the Mosque.. Im having a really hard time trying to ID the names of streets because my iPhone connection is 2G and its really slow and blah blah I just cent ever seem to get my head around the names of streets at all here. I know them by view..


The Grand Mosque..
this place is so beautiful… a ‘mini’ pink Taj Mahal north central Bhopal.


Overlooking the shanty towns from that new Bridge which pretends to make the Union Carbide plant not be there.. the “New Bhanpur Bridge Rd”


Not really supposed to make pictures in here.. its the main Police Station. I love how these guys are all drinking tea and chatting whilst the chaos of bureaucracy and paperwork and rubber stamps and the mill of people flow around them like leaves clogging a drain..


Home made bike repair tools.


The ZZ Top guy of the Lee Marvin Motorbike repair cave.


Watching construction here is –INSANE– everything is manual. Men and Women work, carrying bowls of sand or gravel (can you imagine how heavy that shit is??), on their heads like worker Bees and ferry backwards and forwards from piles to the cement mixer, where a foreman will take two bowls of gravel and two bowls of sand to mix in with lime and then turns the mixer over and dumps its load into a bucket which is then hoisted by its own weight to the next floor up.. where the bowl people start ferrying the mixed cement through the latticework steel-reo and literally shove it off their heads and into place, other worker bees then come along and smooth it out and the whole process works like clockwork, its totally insane and I could watch it all day.. and apparently they could have watched me all day too. Ive been buying Bidi’s here (a dried leaf rolled and smoked) for leverage and to help me get more pictures, I went through two packs of them just shooting these amazing workers…..


Me looking shamefully plump and healthy in front of the Bhopal Union Carbide Disaster monument. The locals dont really give a shit, and the monument had to have a guard rail put around it because of vandalism. Thats what happens when your government breeds ignorance.


What I look like in India. A day before I got food poisoning.


I went to restaurant to eat good clean light food after I got sick, it was quiet and a little uncomfortable until a massive Hindu family dating party arrived where the grown-ups and kids sat at one table and the horny teenagers sat at another table taking pictures of each other with smartphones and flirting with each other. The guy in grey was our waiter, he was so nervous of me because I dont think many Bhopalis see many white people, my colleague says Im “exotic” by their standards. Everywhere I go people stare at me, its very strange, and if I nod, smile or wink they all give me big smiles and waves. If they see the camera then traffic stops so that I can take their pictures.. no shit.


On a street corner somewhere north east near the tribal areas. Very cool.


Bhopal has its own version of Petra ~Las Vegas Style!!!


More Pictures from the Police station, these are tribal elders who have been cast out of their tribes.. there isnt much else worse then this for a tribal member, especially for an elder. My understanding is they were cast out because of a disagreement.


Scenes from the Police Station where we went to get permission to shoot inside the Union Carbide factory.


Scenes from the Police Station where we went to get permission to shoot inside the Union Carbide factory.

Some everyday images ending January 22 2013
Im not entirely sure why, but the order of how I uploaded these images is not represented here properly..

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