Thin end of the wedge thickening

Oh for now Its getting closer to time, and I hope things will conclude in the order I set the sequence of events, getting my shit together and arranging paper work to get events controlled by other people to function in the manner in which I currently seem incapable of is daunting and yet I cant allow myself to be infuriated by them because I havent done them yet and that I know I would be just as maniacally slow and dilligentless about it as the outside parties I have yet to deal with.

Sometimes I feel like this sound.

Some other events have been coloring my life, and the wake of that is even more colorful but different colors.

Handy Hierarchy

Glenna says and I quote……………..

You start with your hands,
and everything has to be done by hand,
and then you discover hand tools,
and then you start using power-tools,
and then you get employees,
and then you get employees from China…


..but its so important!