In Dreams I Walk Alone

I had a very unpleasant dream last night, which ironically, considering the time it is as I write this, makes it the night before last, a caveat of comfort in additional distance between it and now, however I am about to drame myself in the navy ruse of sleep again, I hope my subconsciousness plays ball.

This unpleasant dream consisted of in part imagery from another dream fragment which I mentioned regarding Istanbul and being at water level in a well worn barnacled spot at water level in some bathing place on a warm summer evening, but, in the second dream, the well-worn barnacled structured which comforted me in the past now encased me in a complex but small aging bunker like structure which Continue reading “In Dreams I Walk Alone”


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Istanbul #447

I had another dream about Istanbul and going swimming.

Its not really a recurring dream but I do keep dreaming about a warm place where there are a lot of people who are not necessarily my race and dont necessarily speak my language but there isnt ever any kind of distress about that. Maybe thats the magic of dreams that your brain manufactures certain conveniences in this case the language barrier because the rest of the content of the dream is more important.

Ive had these dreams a few times in the past, its always very near water. I think I associate Istanbul with water, and sunsets, the colors Brown, Black, Pink, Gold & Dark-Green, these colors are reflected on the surface of the water, in warm evenings of post workday swims off well warn concrete or stone steps that you know have been used by hundreds of generations. Older portly gentlemen with grey hair dip in an out of water in dignifying and therapeutic traditional exercises.

The smell of turkish cigarettes, and the smoke from food stands marks the air with a sense of wonder and an added layer of dimensionality. Pomegranates, dates, cheese, fortified butter, and other foods I dont eat regularly are around me.

Is this a dream about comfort, security and the feeling of actually having some control over your life?