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I really want to be inspired to shoot stories here, but I just cant get anything of any sustaining value that I can bring back with me to the people I want to exhibit to; people outside America, becasue i feel that they already know
I think American media is pervasive and the RotW wanted for so long to be like America and to soak up the perceived richness of ‘freedom’
I was particularly careful in ireland when I was working for the press, I felt it was my higher goal to speak to others about how i saw my world and my work within it, and being able to see the lay of the land which would only be visible over time or with extenuated perceptivness and careful research via colloquial invocation of natural cultural interaction (which is how I believe the very best photojournalists & documentarists exist) and general interaction and embedding of ones self within the depest recesses of as many parts of society, whilst maintaining a second life as a watcher and personal documentarist..
..that is NOT to say that I am in the same league as the very best photojournalists -they, are capable of delivering their work and making it deliverable.. I am as yet not capable of that. Its not something I have ever been able to grasp, hence the use of ‘personal documentarist’ because I am my own audience..


I think my photography as an exersize, rather than the actual pictures themselves, is reflection. Ive certainly narrowed it down to realizing that for me, I have been using it as a tool for identity exploration, to see myself in the overview of how I have worked with the medium over the past 25 years or so, rather then the revelation of the actual individual images themselves, and yet within that each image is its own fractal of the greater swathe of my life to date and how I mirror it with the tool of photography..

time in

Your big eyes drifted in and out of consciousness, fluctuating between warm breaths and the furnace heat of re-entry moments, calculations, optic calibrations write speed tests and focus alignments were dusted with extra sensory perceptions, the right side of my neck incandescently burns like a flickering flame which sheds only light to be seen by me.

Inside and out

..usually ill have a nice long and HOT shower, relax my muscles, get my core temperature up, so I dont have to think about it later (i hate cold), probably groom everything cut my hair before the shower etc, (I haven’t been to a barber in a very long time), choose the armor carefully (less is more), wise choices in garments, not enough to look pretentious and always on a blue-collar tip, I am not a banker; I dont want to be invisible.

Socks are chosen by length, a little longer for confidence, gunners (underpants), were always my australian made Bonds -they cup to perfection ooh-, until they wore out and I had to really look around and eventually after trying some fancy expensive ones I settle on Micheal Khors from fred Meyers -seriously!! Cotton, black is best. a nice fresh black t-shirt and then whatever ‘dressing’ happens above that foundation. The coat or jacket on the day is the statement Im making for the people I wish to command. oh and footwear too, thats very important as its your contact with the world you are storming..