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Im so out of the technology scene now that its just not funny. When I was in about a year in the camera shop where I work, I started to bear a distaste for the frivolity of the digital camera scene. The market, the marketing, the product and the lack of quality gave way to all things which are the opposite. I went from owning the top of the line professional digital camera to a lowly manual camera which shot film. two years later Im still shooting film but I bulldozed that camera and eventually ponied up to the level of quality I was missing all along, and bought a Leica. The stuff used to be very expensive but in comparison to any decent digital SLR now, its almost on par. However thats where the similarities end.
So Canon and Nikon introduce updates to their gear and they are all song and dance routines. Colleagues from other camera retailers show me the gear and what it can do etc and its all shit. Its complete shit. Really; take a step back from the ownership and pride and look at what you just spend three grand on. 20mp and 14bit tech isn’t even a scratch on the surface of what currently excises or for that matter what has excised for the past 20 years in film technology -pre 20 years ago sure, there is comparisons there.
Kodak just announced new film. I got two rolls shot it and experimented with it up and down the scale. It scans with a clarity and a scale which blows digital technology off the face of the planet. It costs $4.49 a roll and cost me $3.50 to develop it without prints. Its called Ektar 100, oh and if your hard drive crashes the negs are OK -and they are waterproof too.

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