Thursday July 9 2008, I came home to find a bulky plain white envelope which I immediately assumed was another piece of mail from my favorite unsolicited friends. For some reason I opened the envelope in the front room usually I grab and take it up to my office.
Inside I could see instantly that this was a renewal Permanent Residency card which assumed was for another year whilst the rest of my application for permanent residency was being processed. However upon further inspection I saw that the car was valid for ten years. The accompanying letter was a welcome to the United States of America as a new permanent resident.
So effectively, what I believed was to be a long-winded potentially desperately futile attempt to secure permanent residency in the US haas in fact come to full fruition with expediency which I had not expected.
This has far reaching implications for me, I can now travel outside of the US to visit my family, I can also now plan ahead, I can make purchases of items larger then my pockets will allow, I can buy a car, and now I can finally look for a new job.

I also won two hundred feet of Fuji Velvia 100F Slide film on eBay, so Im pretty happy this week.

Its all just in and out y’know

Dressing up life with the filler, hobbies drinking etc its all just dressing on the fact that we all want to fuck eachother. Ill fill your holes if you fill mine…. and for some, babies need to happen.
All the other shit is just garnish, in the end we all just want to be fucking eachother all the time, everyone, all in a big hot sweaty cauldron of slimy boy and girl cum.
In fact Id like to be there right now.