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Im really sick.
Im sure Ive written it before.
Ive been on an doff ill for the last five weeks. Everyone says “oh its this bug that going around”, …eh I dont think so. I think a chest Xray might be a good plan and some pressure on the doctor.
Jesus, doctors here are UN-believable……….. WTF? Where I come from, when your sick you go to the doctor, s/he tests you bend over say aww etc etc then asks a few questions does some more tests, then does some more asks a few more and then says ok you are sick with…. and writes you a perscription if you need one or sends you to the hosp for an xray or somewhere for something. Here, you go in, you tell them whats wrong with you and what drungs you want and then you leave and thats it……………………………
I almost want to flee to canada just to go to a doctor…..

Anyway, I think I have something serious.

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