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Probably the most stressfull week of recent times. This past month has been tumultuous to say the least. Feels like saturns return.
My dad wants me to go back to Ireland to help him move. I dont have the time or the money to do that, so I risk losing my entire back catalog of negatives.
I got a lung infection and missed a week of work so my pay check will be horrendous.
I am in the midst of my immigration review, and recently learned that the level of paperwork needed to make the review work properly as a joint venture between me and my estranged wife, just isnt there, so I now have to get a divorce initiated within the next five days. The cost of which is undesireable considering I have a number of small debts to pay off. I also have to get my I-751 form and paperwork in and pay $200 for the luxury of that, within five days or I will be faced with immediate deportation proceedings -that actually means the deportation is immediate, no chance to sell off and pack up. Though there is chance to appeal but from afar -after you have left the country…….. I am asking all that know me to write me character references, -it amazes me, the people who i would consider friends havent bothered to do it and the people I consider colleagues have been on it from the moment I asked.

Yeah, a vacation would be really great.

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  • Anonymous says:

    You have a good, heart, spirit and courage to ask for help out of the vice. With all that has passed you are not bitter.I hope that those you have asked for references act with decency and give them to you immediately as you would no doubt honour their requests with the urgency that is obviously required.

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